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Hi, I am facing an issue with an academic account. I added the email where the domain is, as any domain ending with is from different faculties in Sapienza. DIAG is the department of computer engineering and automation.

However the account seems to still be considered non-academic. Is there any step necessary from my side?

Hi Pere-Lluis!

What is the full email you are trying to mark as academic?


Thank you! Does it not let you create an academic team?

Hi Pere-Lluis, I wanted to follow up on this request. Please let us know if we can be of further assistance or if your issue has been resolved.

Hi there,

I wasn’t able, now instead it shows a message saying I couldn’t due to belonging already to a different academic team.

I guess there is a limit of 1 academic team per account?


Hi Pere-Lluis,

Unfortunately yes, as of right now an account can have only a single academic team.


Thanks. I am facing an issue due to that, i mistakenly created a new team instead of using the academic one, and now the runs I transfered to that team are “hostage” since i have no access to them (it’s reached the max hours), nor can I move them to the academic team.

Is there anyway to fix that?

Hi Pere-Lluis,

Are you currently paying for your team’s trial? This seems to be the name right, alby-re-org?

No, I am not paying. I created it by mistake since we use another in our research group, but now the runs in that team (alby-re-org) were unaccessible. I see now I have recovered access, I will just move the runs and remove that org. Thanks for the assistance.

Sounds like a plan!
Let me know if you need help deleting the org!

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