How to upgrade my team to an academic account?


I have recently started using wandb via my university email, but I created a “work” team instead of an academic (didn’t know the difference). I have now reached my limit and wandb is now asking for an upgrade. How can I change my team to academic? I don’t want to lose the history of my runs. Me and my colleague are both working at our university, and our emails for registration are already our academic emails.

Here’s my personal page: page
Here’s my team: team

Thanks in advance,

Hi @nkluge-correa ,

Good day and thank you for reaching out to us! Happy to help you on this.

You can apply for an academic account by going to our Pricing page and click on apply button, see below. Let me know if this allows you to apply for an academic account.



Hello Paulo!

Thank you for reaching out. I may be missing something. I clicked the link as you instructed, but it directed me to this page (which has no instructions on how to proceed with the application for an academic account):

Any idea on how to proceed? Thx!

Hi @nkluge-correa We can assist from here if the page does not allow you to apply. Could you please provide us your university email and then we’ll review this from our side? Thank you!

Yes, of course. The email I use in the platform is

Thank you for the assistance!

Hey @nkluge-correa! We just converted your account to academic

Thank you very much! This will help me a lot with keeping track of my work! :heart: :heart: :heart:

Hi @luis_bergua1 , I just have the same problem. can you please help with it?

@zhaozhenxu could you please share the associated email?

@luis_bergua1 yes, my email is