#8 Chai Time Kaggle Talks with Mark Tenenholtz: 36th Position Solo Silver Petfinder

Hi All!
We’re back with more chai and Kaggle talks! :tea:
In our 8th Chai Time Kaggle Talk session we have a Kaggle competition Master and Solo Silver holder in the Petfinder Competition, Mark Teneholtz.

The Guest:
Mark Tenenholtz completed his Masters in Data Analytics from Georgia Institute of Technology and is now working as a Senior Data Scientist at 84.51˚.

:medal_sports: Mark bagged 36th Position Solo Silver in the the Petfinder Kaggle competition.

In this Kaggle Talk session, Sanyam will be hosting Mark Tenenholtz to learn about his Kaggle journey to becoming a Kaggle competition master and his journey on bagging a solo silver in 2-3 weeks on the Petfinder competition.

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