#5 Chai Time Kaggle Talks with CR7 team

Hi All!
In our 5th Chai Time session we have Team CR7 who were the 5th position holder in Ventilator Pressure Prediction Kaggle Competition.

The Guest:
Sahil Verma is a Chemical Engineering graduate from IIT Delhi and is currently working as Sr. ML Engineer at OKCredit. He is also Kaggle Competition Master and have played roles of Data Analyst and Data Scientist in past.
Nikhil K Mishra is another super talented Kaggle Competition Master and 2nd-place winner of Zindi’s recent AirQo Ugandan Air Quality Forecast Challenge. He is presently working as a Data Scientist at KarmaLifeAI.
Nikhil is passionate about Data Science and believes "Machine learning competitions give you the rush to try out new ideas, racing against time and the leaderboard.”

Join us for this interesting Chai Time Kaggle Talk, where Sanyam will be interviewing Sahil & Nikhil from the Gold medaling team and learn about their approach of coming up with a transformer-based system and experimenting with ideas. We’ll also learn about their process to Kaggle in general and this competition, their framework of collaboration, and approaching a competition


What is your favourite drink and why is it chai?

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