#9 Chai Time Kaggle Talks with Chris Deotte: Petfinder 6th Position Solo gold

Hi All!
In our 9th Chai Time Kaggle Talk session we have a Kaggle legend, 4x Kaggle Grand Master and Petfinder 6th Position Solo gold winner, Chris Deotte :clap:

The Guest:
Chris Deotte, a Kaggle legend is a PhD in computational science and mathematics with a thesis on optimizing parallel processing presently working as a Sr. Data Scientist at NVIDIA. He’s also a Math Researcher and Lecturer with the University of California San Diego.

Chris bagged 6th Position Solo Gold in the the Petfinder Kaggle competition.

:partying_face: We’re super excited for the session as Chris Deotte will be sharing his solution overview and approach to the Petfinder competition. W&B Host, Sanyam will also for the third time try to uncover how Chris approaches Kaggle competition and how Chris’ incredible passion for Kaggle has evolved over the years”

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