#11 Chai Time Kaggle Talks with Qishen Ha: Great Barrier Reef Competition Winner

Hi All!
In our 11th Chai Time Kaggle Talk session we have Kaggle Competition GrandMaster and Great Barrier Reef Competition Winner Qishen Ha :clap:

The Guest:
Qishen Ha, Kaggle Competition GrandMaster is a Master’s in Creative Informatics and presently working as a Machine Learning Engineer at LINE Corp.

:medal_sports:Qishen Ha and his team WON the Great Barrier Reef Kaggle competition.

:partying_face: We’re super excited for the session as Sanyam will be interviewing Qishen Ha about his team’s path to winning the TensorFlow GBR competition and will also be understanding how the team withstood the insane shakeup.
Timing: 5AM CT/ 6AM ET/ 4:30PM IST

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