#12 Chai Time Kaggle Talks with Grandmaster Andrada Olteanu: Livecoding on Kaggle Hidden Gems

Hi All!
In our 12th Chai Time Kaggle Talk session we have Kaggle GrandMaster Andrada Olteanu :clap:

The Guest:
Andrada Olteanu, Kaggle Notebook GrandMaster is a Master’s in Data Science and Analytics from Queen’s University Belfast presently working as a Data Scientist at Endava.

:partying_face: We’re super excited for the session as Kaggle Grandmaster Andrada has accepted a Chai challenge by Sanyam to do livecoding on an unseen dataset. In the livestream we will get to learn how Andrada Olteanu uses her EDA expertise to bring out insights from the Kaggle Hidden Gems dataset

Timing: 10AM CT/ 11AM ET/ 8:30PM IST

Links to follow:

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