#10 Chai Time Kaggle Talks with Adam Montgomerie: 14th Position Solo Gold Solution to Jigsaw comp

Hi All!
In our 10th Chai Time Kaggle Talk session we have Kaggle Competition Master and 14th Position Solo Gold holder for Jigsaw competition.

The Guest:
Adam Montgomerie, Kaggle Competition Master is a Master’s in Computer Science from University of Bristol and is presently working as a Machine Learning Engineer at Avanssion.

:medal_sports: Adam Montgomerie WON 14th Position Solo Gold Solution to Jigsaw Kaggle competition.

:partying_face: Sanyam is excited to have chai during the day this time. We will be learning from Kaggle master Adam about his journey to the orange path and his 14th Pos solo gold solution to Jigsaw competition.
Adam will be doing a walkthrough of his solution and answering audience questions.

Timing: 16th Feb 12:30 PM IST/ 4PM JST (Japan)

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