Overlaying two point clouds

Is it possible to visualize two point clouds on top of each other with different colors to differentiate them? So far I’ve been using the following format to visualize only one point cloud:

points = np.random.uniform(size=(250, 3))
            "point_scene": wandb.Object3D(
                {   "type": "lidar/beta",
                    "points": points

Hello @nicoca,

Unfortunately at this time you can only have one plot of Object3D in a single plot at this point. I will put in a feature request for the engineers to review. Can you let me know the use case you would like to support and how you imagine this type of functionality to look/feel?

As a workaround you can log HTML and Plotly objects to wandb and as such you can pre-generate these graphs and log it into wandb if this is urgent!

Thank you for the response and putting in a request! I was hoping to use this functionality to visualize point cloud registration at every iteration of a network, e.g. to show the source and template point clouds after applying the predicted transformation . Would also be great to have the point clouds be differentiated by color in the same plot.

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