Help move team projects to my personal projects


I’ve been operating solo on a wandb team account, but now I’m planning to transition to working independently and want to transfer all my projects to my individual space. Unfortunately, I’ve surpassed the allotted tracking hours, and the website is now restricting access to those projects, insisting on an upgrade.

Is there a method for me to migrate all my existing projects and runs from the team account over to my personal account? I’ve attempted to follow the provided guide for transferring my projects from a team account to a personal account on wandb, but it appears that every attempt redirects me to the billing page.

Many thanks,


Hi there,

I am writing to seek urgent assistance in transferring project data from my team project to my personal account. This data is extremely important for my ongoing work and I have not yet received a response to my previous requests.

Additionally, I am considering the option of transferring the data directly to my professional account at Microsoft, if possible. (Due to the post constraints that limit me to including only two links per message, I will provide the link to my professional Microsoft account in a follow-up .)

Thank you very much for your attention to this matter.

Here is the link to my Machine Learning Portfolio in Weights & Biases at Microsoft.

Hello @txr_233 , thank you for writing in and happy to help. We would like to clarify the request of transferring all projects from your team account to your personal and professional account, is that correct?

Hello @joana-marie. Thank you for your response and willingness to help. Yes, I am looking to transfer all projects from my team account to both my personal and professional accounts.

Hey @txr_233, thanks for confirming this! I just moved projects under yux-ren to txr_233