Move project from Team to Personal

Hi, how can I move a project from my team to my personal account?
When creating project, I didn’t notice that the default account where the project is created is the team account. Now my team account (which has only me) notifies that it has exceeded the tracking hour, and I don’t know how to move the projects from this team account to my personal account.
Thanks for your help!

Hello @nntoan209 , happy to help. Here’s how to move runs or multiple runs together: Runs Table | Weights & Biases Documentation. But if you want to move the whole projects, it is something that we can help you. If that is what you need we may please request the following details:

User Profile link where the Projects need to be moved
Team Name where the Project is currently located
Is it all projects or selected projects?


Hi, sorry for late reply.

I want to move all projects from my team account to my personal account. I would love to have you help me with this. Thanks for your time considering this.
Here is the requested details:

User Profile link: Weights & Biases
Team Name where the Project is currently located: nntoan209-team

Hi @nntoan209 , apologies for the delay on this. We’ve migrated all projects from your team to your personal entity. Marking resolved but please do let us know if there is anything else we could assist you with.