Help with moving a team project to my personal space


I created a team project for my self without knowing there was a limit amount of hours. Now I have exceeded the 250 tracked hours and I can not move the project to my personal space.

Is there any way to move my project and runs from the team account to my personal space?

Thanks a lot!
(my email linked to my account is, the project name is manelcardenas-org/Brain_age )

Can you help me with that?

Hi @manel-cardenas Good day and thank you for reaching out to us. Happy to help you on this!

Could you please help us if you can share which username is associated with your email address in wandb? Once this is shared, we can then review the next steps. Thank you in advance!

Hi Paulo,

The username associated with my email address is manelcardenas, and the name of the team I created where the project is places is called: manelcardenas-org.

Thank you so much!

Hi @manel-cardenas, thanks for sharing this! I just moved your project, please let us know if everything looks good


Everything correct!!

Thank you