Custom HTML with three.js for interactive 3D asset visualization

Hi, I am working on a 3D reconstruction task that returns multiple 3D meshes in my visualization. The custom W&B 3D visualization is too bright and it is not helpful for tasks that require to visualize texture; also, it seems to reduce the triangle counts, but triangle counts are important for 3D vision.

It seems that W&B supports uploading custom HTML. I am wondering if it is possible to:

  1. Upload my predicted 3D meshes for each step.
  2. Display my 3D meshes using a custom HTML that using three.js to allow me interact with it.

Potential blockers:

  • I assume wandb.Object3D is used with wandb.log to upload my 3D prediction. In my HTML, how do I get access to the uploaded meshes?
  • Similarly, how do I upload and get access to a js library in the HTML? (the paths)

Alosm curious about this.

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