Ctrl + C Copying grouped data standard deviations?


I have a sweep with grouped data runs and am trying to pull the standard deviation for each group out of the plot on my wandb page/reports. However, this only copies the mean values, and trying to download the csv for each grouped plot also seems to only save the max and min for each group. Is there a more effective way to save the standard deviation aside from writing it down manually?

I have received an email notification with no message in it fromsupport@weightsandbiases.zendesk.com in response to this topic. This has happened in the past as well, I am not sure why.

Hi @cr_97 , happy to help. In regards to the empty email, we will update this to include additional info for next steps, so thanks for flagging.

In regards to exporting standard deviation, at this time, this is not supported and I’d be happy to submit a feature request for you to make it happen. Could you comment on relevant importance this is to your workflow and I will add your comments to the ticket.

Hi @mohammadbakir , thanks for the reply.

A feature request would be great. For my workflow, I am using wandb to record data for repeated sweeps with a few key parameter combinations. After finishing a sweep, grouping them into a few categories and getting the standard deviation allows me to make additional figures with Python packages such as Seaborn. Being able to more easily download or copy the extra information from the grouped data on wandb would greatly speed up the process.

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