Add custom column in table reports the variance of a metric per group

Hello everyone,

I’ am using table view of wandb to compare different groups of multiple runs. Even thought table reports the mean of each group (e.x. training accuracy), do not reports the variance (std dev) of group’s accuracies . Is there any way to add this per-group metric in my table view?

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Hi @eakirtas,
Thank you for the question! Unfortunately there is no easy way to do this currently. Accessing the runs via the API and programmatically calculating the standard deviation by group is possible but not an efficient solution.

If you’d like I can put in a feature request to try to make this available in the UI? If so, what statistics would you like to see available? Just standard deviation or anything else?

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Hi, @eakirtas,
I just wanted to follow up and see if this answered your question or if there is anything I can help with?

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