Cannot figure out how to style bar charts as box plots

I am trying to follow this tutorial: Bar Plot | Weights & Biases Documentation
It shows that it is possible to visualize data with box plots. My script:

import wandb
import numpy as np

for i in range(3):
    wandb.init(project='Test project', name=f'run-{i}')
    for x in np.random.normal(size=30):
        wandb.log({'x': x})

I want to see box plots of “x” data for three runs. But unlike the example in the tutorial when I create Bar Chart it displays ‘Style’ field on ‘Grouping’ tab only when I activate ‘Runs’ toggle button which leads to averaging data over runs. But I need individual box plots for all runs.

Hey @ulaelfray, is your goal to have 3 box plots for 3 individual runs? Or 3 box plots for 3 run groups? For example, if you run your above script 3 times, you can generate 3 run groups through the Runs table and form 3 box plots that way (see attached). You cannot have 3 box plots for 3 individual runs - since individual runs have 1 static value for x (metric you defined), and box plots wouldn’t apply, since those are intended to visualize a distribution.

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