Axis scales

I have created 100 runs, and would like to make two scatter plots. The first scatter plot involves the first 50 simulations, with axis limits [0,10] in both directions. The second scatter plot uses simulations 51 to 100, with different axis limits, say [10,20]. So far, I created a new panel, for both these plots. But wandb does not like that. Whatever I set the axis limits will be the same for both subsets (1-50, and 51-100). What is the recommended approach to have a plot for each of the data subsets? Must I create two different panels? If so, that means that one panel 2 might have to be turned off for the first batch of data experiments, and panel 1 would be turned off for the second batch of experiments. Is this the recommended approach? Thanks.

Hi @erlebacher,

Have you tried creating reports with different panel plots? They should work here.


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