AI/Machine Learning Beginner Looking for Guidance

Hey everyone! I’m not trying to take too much of anyone’s time, but I am a humble video producer extremely fascinated with AI/ML with a few questions.

I am about to start a graduate program at UT Austin studying AI//ML, and am wondering what path I should take to be able to mix my deep knowledge of creative video production with my nubile AI knowledge. I have completed a Bachelor’s in Video Production, and have been creating video content my entire life. I fully understand this introductory AI course will in no way prepare me to jump into the front lines of AI imaging and video generation, but I am wondering if there’s a market for someone with my video expertise wanting to learn more about AI. Should I be prepared to spend the next few years deep diving into computer science to even be considered in this industry? Or could I build a solid career path with my current knowledge of video production, and a couple more introductory coding/AI/ML courses?

Thank you all for your time. I wish you luck in bringing the future to us faster than ever!

Also, I am asking this question here because I heard Károly Zsolnai-Fehér from Two Minute Papers plugged this site and how it could help me with AI/ML questions. But if there is a better forum for questions like this please let me know!

Hi @natelongvideo , welcome to the W&B community forums. Happy to provide some feedback from experience.

My career began in industrial automation, where I worked in developing drug manufacturing systems for biopharma companies. A few years into my role, I became interested in ML and decided on a career pivot. I spent multiple months working through online MOOCs via DeepLearning ai, Coursera, Udemy, and Udacity (side note: wandb blogs are great resources into MLOPs, check some blogs out sometime). Although MOOCs helped me grasp ML concepts and work through simple examples; in my opinion, they don’t help you develop deep intuition into the application of ML in real-world projects.

Start by identifying which industry (maybe Video AI?)/companies you want to land in and network with individuals to gain an understanding of the type of projects they work on, and the skills/requirements their teams look for in new candidates. In parallel, establish a foundational knowledge base of ML and work through problems that interest you. Build out a solid, very detailed project portfolio and advertise your work online. Consider hosting your projects on wandb :smile:, our new profile page layout is perfect for this. Once you have a few projects, apply for internships/entry-level roles, and eventually with persistence, you will land somewhere.

An additional approach you could take is to pursue a part-time Master’s program in CS/ML. The merits of which are up for debate based on who you talk to.

If interested, check out our new case study on MARZ, a VFX company that leverages AI for visual FX and have worked on wandavision, watchmen, and wednesday. The beauty of of ML is it’s applicable in every industry.


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