⚔️ AMA with AI Coffee Break & Chai Time Data Science

Hi all!
Our sixth AMA is a power-pack, super intellectual and fun Coffee vs Chai battle :crossed_swords:

The Guest

We’re beyond excited to have W&B’s Head of Data Science, Dr. Bryan Bischof , Sanyam Bhutani and YouTuber @AICoffeeBreak Letitia Parcalabescu in this session to talk about the outlook for the AI and ML communities, how to make excellent educational content, and the role of videos in the community.

Letitia is a ML videos creator on YouTube & PhD Candidate in Computational Lingustic (NLP) at Heidelberg University and her research is focused on Multimodal Learning, specifically on integrating vision and language for achieving multimodal understanding.

  • :loudspeaker: On Sat Feb 26, 2022 8AM PT/ 5PM CET/ 9:30PM IST

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