Seeking Ai/WandB consulting freelancer for project implementation and help

Hello, I am training models in stable diffusion and trying to systematise my experiments using wandb. My learning curve is a little steeper than i’d like it to be, as I live more on the creative side, working in fashion and tech. I was wondering if anyone having a good foundation in wandb use, could provide me paid guidance both to learn the necessary and to help with scaling my creative training projects. I do not think it is a big project in itself, but I am aware of fees, and would be happy to meet anyone interested to help, especially as it is a very exciting area of ai. Thanks

Hi @rafraf

Thank you for reaching out to us regarding your interest in utilizing W&B for your creative training projects in stable diffusion. At this time, we don’t offer paid services for this type of support.

I understand that getting started with new tools can sometimes be challenging, especially when merging multiple domains with tech. To help you along the way, we encourage you to explore

  • The wandb community forums
  • The wandb blog site, there are several reports listed here that might be of interest. Example
  • The wandb technical docs
  • Stable diffusion discord server where I am certain there are others passionate about your line of work who are willing to share their insights and help your research.
  • This reddit thread I discovered which lists several tutorial resources on working with stable diffusion

Additionally, if you encounter any specific issues while using W&B for your projects, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us again here or email us at

Best of luck with your experiments!

Warm regards,

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