How to contribute!

Hello and welcome to the W&B community!

We love showcasing the amazing work done on top of W&B. If you want to contribute but don’t know where to start, here are some things that other community members love to see:

Ideas for contributions:

  • Sharing a project you’ve worked on which uses W&B
  • Tutorials on how to use W&B with a library/tool (e.g. how to use W&B with Sagemaker)
  • Tutorials on how to use W&B within a research domain (e.g. how to use W&B for semantic segmentation)
  • Showcasing a public code repository that uses wandb
  • Sharing a useful W&B tip that you’ve found
  • A new research paper that cites W&B (ideally with some public code you can share!)

We want to make sure people building on top of W&B feel supported. We’d love to return the :heart: by promoting your work, giving you insider access to our community and saying thanks with little gifts.

Everyone who contributes and builds on top of W&B is helping our mission of building the best dev tools for ML practitioners.

Looking forward to seeing what you share!