#2: 5th place SIIM-Fisabo-RSNA-COVID-19 Solution

The Chai journey continues!

This week, we’ll be learning from the 5th Position team from the SIIM-Fisabio-RSNA-COVID-19 Comp!

Livestream: Chai Time Kaggle Talks with Shivam Gupta, Ayushman Buragohain & Nischay Dhankhar - YouTube


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What is your favourite chai and Kaggle competitions?

Do experienced Kaggler’s keep baseline notebooks as a go to approach or do they begin with EDA and move up.

Personally I do this. I use a baseline to compare various models and move forward to improve the best one. :sweat_smile:.


Thanks for hosting such a fantastic event. It was thoroughly impressive and, at the same time, very inspiring. I have one request, though. Please conduct a session, on how to start on Kaggle, or if such an event has already been hosted, please post the links.
Please keep up the excellent work. Also, the discourse forum is fantastic.

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