Yannic Kilcher: Chai Time Data Science Live

Note the questions in this thread are from a live event.
You can catch the recap here: Live Interview w @Yannic Kilcher - YouTube

Hi Everyone!

I’ll be interviewing Yannic on Aug 20, 4:30 PM IST. Sign up Link

I wanted to use this opportunity to invite our community to ask questions to Yannic.

If you’re interested in knowing more about Yannic Kilcher’s background, please leave your Qs here.




Hi Yannic, what made you start your YT channel in the first place? Did you initially have in mind to dedicate it to ML?

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Yannic says that you need to get in touch with labs and people to better your chances to get selected for a Ph.D. program. How to find these labs and people besides Twitter?

How do people in PhD programs get funding for research topics that are not hyped?

What do you think of people who already keep saying that an AI winter is imminent?

4th Question:

In terms of framework, what does Deep Judge use? TensorFlow or PyTorch?

What do you, Yannic, like the most- TF or PyTorch or JAX/Flax?

How do you remove all other (possible variables and) effects and design an experiment such that you know that only your idea/hypothesis made it work, or made the difference?

By the way, for YouTube or other video content creators, that itself could be an interesting prediction/recommendation problem, predict the range of views your video will get based on certain features / key points in the video :grin:

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Do you think the industry treats bias and fairness in a proper manner? What are your 2 cents regarding these topics both in industry and academic research?


It can feel overwhelming for someone just entering ml. What would be your advice for beginners like me ?


What do you think of the recent ICCV 2021 paper plagiarism incident?

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who’s your top 10 AI folk to follow on twitter? other than yourself and sanyam of course :smiley:

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Is there like an unlisted link to see the video :stuck_out_tongue: I missed watching it live!

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Thanks, I’ve added it to the OP :slight_smile: