AMA with François Chollet; Software Engineer, AI Researcher and Author

Hi all!
Kickstarting the new year with a power-pack AMA session :clap:

The Guest

We’re beyond excited to have none other than François Chollet drop by for a chat!

François Chollet is a French software engineer, AI Researcher & Author currently working as Senior Staff Software Engineer at Google. He is the Creator of the Keras deep-learning library, released in 2015, main contributor to the TensorFlow ML framework and Author of ‘Deep Learning with Python:books:

His papers have been published at major conferences in the field, including the Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition(CVPR), the Conference on Neural IPS and the ICLR.

  • :loudspeaker: At 8am on Jan 8, François will answer all questions in the event livestream.

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This reading group couldn’t have come at a better time. Just when I needed to get into Keras. Thanks, Weights and Biases!

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Hey Sanyam, what is the best paid resource other than Colab, where you can submit your job to run in background without worrying of it not completing due to some reasons?

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Hey yuvraj! I think is a great option!