Wandb in academic work as a PhD student with industry collaborations/internship)?


I was wondering on a use case most graduate students (PhD) in machine learning often come across and thought it would be better to open it up. We often do academic research (not for commercial) while doing an internship at a company while still affiliated to our university institution.

In that case is it ok to use the academic teams we usually use during the semester for our internship?

Does that fall this use:

And guess what? W&B is free for personal and academic use. (The latter is especially important for students and academics and something we’ve championed since we started the company).

from this site: Weights & Biases

PS: I thought I had asked this already…if yes link the question if it has an answer and my apologies before hand. If not I will remove this ps later.

Hi @brando ,

Thank you for reaching out. We will look into this for you and let you know if you can continue using your academic account while interning.



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Thank you! Really appreciate this.

@brando ,

Thank-you for your patience on this. You may use your account while you are interning. Please let us know if you have additional requests/questions.



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