WandB groupby doesn't display every run in a group

I’m running the latest wandb/local Docker image (version 0.45), but at some point (I don’t know what version I was running previously), groupby functionality stopped working - in the following, note that there are two groups (“minimum_area: 0.1” and “minimum_area: null”), and both groups correctly report five members, but the “minimum_area:null” group doesn’t display its five runs (note that it has been twirled open). This makes it impossible to control the visibility of group members for that group.

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Following-up, it looks like this issue started in version 0.40.0 - with 0.39.0 the group displays the correct membership:

Following-up some-more, I notice that while version 0.39.0 displays the “minimum_area: null” group members correctly, changes to the visibility of the “minimum_area: null” group and its members doesn’t update the plots in the workspace.

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I appreciate raising this concern and will be happy to help, is it okay to share your workspace link so we can review further?

@joana-marie: Thanks for the quick response. Not sure what you mean by “workspace link”? This is a local install of wandb and I can’t share the contents of the project.

I did try to reproduce this behavior with a minimal test project that doesn’t contain any real data, but everything works as expected. Perhaps this is an issue with the version of wandb/local in-use when the real project was created which, unfortunately, I’ve lost track of.


Hi @tshead ,

Oh I see, perhaps you could share us for reproduceable example code for logged runs please because we’ve attempted to reproduce the problem on both version 0.39.0 and 0.45.0 without a problem and all runs display under their group.

Hi @tshead , since we have not heard back from you we are going to close this request. If you would like to re-open the conversation, please let us know!

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