Show single lines in groups

I want to have a way to organise my runs so that I can know some parameters of the runs already by the name. I can do that by using group_by and then I can see the different parameter for each run


But this also means all the runs inside a group, is it possible to group but still see the different runs (optionally all runs in a group with the same color?)

Hey Oren, this is not possible with grouping. I’d suggest to pass the name argument when invoking wandb.init(). You can format the string with the values of the wandb.config dict.

This is a shame, is it possible to add it as a feature request?

Hey Oren, sorry about the late reply. I’ve shared your request with the team. Will notify you once there are updates on this.

Hey Oren, another workaround I’d suggest is to pin columns to achieve what you want.

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