Computing group metrics from ALL runs

My panel says, in gray:

Computing group metrics from first 10 runs

When I mouse over this text, a tooltip says

Click on the pencil icon to change the number of runs sampled in group metrics

I’ve clicked on the icon and messed with every possible setting that looks relevant, yet I can’t seem to get all runs to be used for computing group metrics. What am I missing? Thanks!

In particular, it appears that the “Sampled runs” (see here) drop-down is missing from my UI.


Note: I am able to see this dropdown in some cases (e.g. when in the default workspace view). However, the dropdown does not appear when filtering runs by sweep—which is my use case of interest.

Hi @orrp ,

Thank you for reaching out for support. I’ll be glad to assist you with this. Can you provide the following for me to further investigate this please:

  • Link to your account
  • Link to the workspace/page where you encounter the issue.
  • a screen recording of what process you are doing
  • Console errors if available (Right click on the page on chrome, select inspect then go to the console tab)

Carlo Argel

Hi @orrp , since we have not heard back from you we are going to close this request. If you would like to re-open the conversation, please let us know!

I have the same issue. The sampled runs drop-down is not showing up for me. I will attach a screenshot on how it looks like. There should be a field on sampled runs as seen here in the section " Grouping graph settings" : Group W&B Runs

I also have the same issue as @jirkoru where the sampled runs drop-down does not appear :frowning:

Currently, i have the same issue, my graph is limited to the last 10 runs what leaves all graphs useless. is this a problem related to the browser ? I am in linux using mozilla.
All my experiments graphs are now limited to only 10 runs and I cannot increase it.
Individually i can have more than 10 graphs, but once they are grouped only the top (last) 10 runs are showing. Is this behavior intentional or a current bug ?

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I am running into the same issue. Like @scastillo-lenz, I’m on linux and firefox.

I believe the issue is connected to using the grouping function to organise runs by group. While Grouping is active, I cannot find a single way to get the “Sampled runs” to show up.
Screenshot from 2023-11-22 16-48-52

One workaround that I found was disabling grouping of runs, then creating a new plot, toggle “Group by Runs” for that plot, and then the Sampled runs shows up… However, I then need to manually format everything which for me defeats the purpose of using wandb.

It actually looks like the workaround method produces an identical graph, despite sampling all runs. I think this means that the “Computing group metrics from first 10 runs” message isn’t actually true and a visual problem only.

Here you see the top graph, created with the method I described in the previous post and then formatted identically to the graph produced with the grouped filter turned on (bottom graph). Note the messages are also different, but don’t seem to impact it at all.

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i was investigating a bit in the user settings. And I found an option: Workspace optimizations - Enable additional customization options in workspace settings. Once i enabled it, it was possible to get the option “Sampled Runs” among other feature things.
But I think it is a bit buggy, it doesn’t always load all the runs I select and it gives me an option to plot all my runs (e.g. 145) but I don’t see a difference in the graph.
Is there a proper way to load the graphs for all the runs ? for instance, when doing a report.

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