Tag color

The run table in the UI shows the same tag in multiple of colors. E.g. tag “inference completed” will be red for run 1, blue for run 2, yellow for run 3 etc etc. The same for the next tag. I find that quite irritating.

Is there a way to have “tag A” ALWAYS be red, “tag B” ALWAYS be blue etc. etc? This way I could use tags as an orginaisational tool instead of just making the screen colorful?

Hi @cemde ,

Thank you for reaching out. I’ll be happy to assist you with this. You are correct on your observation with the tagging colors and right now there is no way to modify it. What i can do right now is to write a feature request for this concern and give you updates.

Carlo Argel

Thank you that is appreciated, it would be really nice if the tags became an organisational tool to “colour-code” runs.

+1 would like to see the inconsistent colours being fixed. I consider the following points bugs that should be fixed (otherwise it doesn’t really make sense to even show tags in colours)

  • the same tags should have the same colour in the UI
  • tag colours should be persistent (i.e. not change on page reload)