Updating a run with the SDK Api removes the config from the GUI

I am adding a tag to some runs with the SDK with a script that looks roughly like this:

filter = ...  # some filter
runs = wandb.Api().runs('ucd-cnml/retinal_genotype', filter=filter)
for run in runs:

After this, the config is removed from the overview page (first screenshot). However, the raw data is still there (second screenshot).

This would appear to be related to this issue. I’m on wandb 0.16.4, so after any fixes to that have been merged presumably (I can’t really tell as there’s no linked PR).

Here is an example run that exhibits this behavior: Weights & Biases

cc Profile - thanos-wandb - W&B Community

Hi @ahalev, sorry to hear you are experiencing this and thank you for reporting this.

We are aware of a bug that may prevent the Config from being rendered in the UI after updating the Run via the API. We are investigating this and will keep you posted with any progress on this.

As a temporary workaround, you should be able to disable the Run Overview tree view feature from your User Settings, and the Config should render as expected in the UI.

Hi @ahalev - this bug has now been fixed and you should be able to see the config with the new Tree view enabled.