How to use panels/sections configured for one run for all runs

A couple of weeks ago I “lost” the logged gradients in my wandb UI. Today I wanted to research why this might be the case (updated wandb to 0.12.11, changed log-freq, …) but as it turns out (by chance) it is a visualisation issue. This is either a bug or a feature/setting that I miss. It might also be related to a bug/misunderstanding on my behalf that I have “lost” sections/panels configurations in the wandb UI.

When I list a couple of (toy) runs with one run visible (“eye open”) I see a certain layout of sections/panels. I have no gradients logged (see screenshot, section “Gradients”. I have renamed it to uppercase and selected the option to also “show empty sections”). That’s what led me to believe that I have “lost” the gradients.

But when I select the run from above I can see both the run’s gradient and the layout that I had changed.

Can I somehow make the section/panel configuration of this run the default for all runs? I already applied “Copy to default workspace” (which has a different intention I think, but it was worth a try).

Do I miss a setting or behaviour?

See the 2 screenshots in the PNG (had to combine them, only 1 upload allowed).

Thank you in advance!

Hi @hogru,

Apologies for the delay here. Currently, we do not support Predefined Layouts for workspaces, though this is already a planned feature. This has been becoming an increasingly common feature request recently, I’ll make sure to increase the priority on this.

I’ll let you know when I hear back / there is some progress on this feature.


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