Archive runs

Thanks for your good product.

It would be good to add an archive feature for runs.

In a project, we may try many ideas. But most of them result in no outcomes. It would be good to archive those runs to keep the workspace clean.

It is not a good option to delete them, because we may check them in future for some cases, such as ablation study.

Currently, i’m using an ‘archive’ tag with filtering to do this. But it is not decent.

Hi Geo, thank you for the feature request! I can put in a ticket for this, but first can you tell me why putting an ‘archive’ tag isn’t a good workaround for you?

Hi @lesliewandb , it’s ok but not decent and efficient.

I think we can still use tags to do this archive feature, but it would be good to add a multi-selection feature for runs and tag them all at once. It is very useful for users who deal with hundreds of experiments, such as hyperparameter searching.

I see, this makes sense. Thank you for the clarification here! I’ll create the ticket and let you know when there’s any update on it

I believe currently wandb does support multiple selection. But not in the workspace view. In the table view I can select and tag multiple runs at once.

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