String bug in the parallel coordinates chart

Hey Guys, i just started using wandb and so far everything is working pretty well, however I noticed that there seems to be a problem with strings as parameters in parallel coordinates chart

Attached is a screenshot to illustrate the problem

So now I wonder if I made a mistake or if I have to wait for a fix from you.

Kind regards

By the way, thats how i added it to the sweep_config:

Sorry for the double post but i was not allowed to upload another picture to show you my config.

Hi @chrismartin,

This is a known bug, our engineering team should have a fix out for this soon.

Weights and Biases Support

Thank you very much for your fast reply. :slight_smile:

Hi @chrismartin,

This issue has been fixed. Parallel Coordinate charts with strings should behave as expected now.


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