BUG: Parallel coordinates Panel in Sweep

My Sweep config looks like this:

    values: [ns4bedao, 6cnr8gb9, lo4f6pma, qiha6oci]

As you can see, some of their names start with decimal.
This makes the Parallel coordinates Panel broken.

Is there any workaround that I can do immediately?
Or not, I wish this would be fixed as soon as possible.


Hi @jnzaaesly8,

While there is no immediate workaround for this, I’ll report this to our engineering team to look into this as soon as possible.

Could you share a link for this sweep so that I can share it with our team?


Thanks for quick response, @ramit_goolry !

Here is my Sweep just made for this issue!

Thanks for the reproduction!

I’m creating a ticket for our engineering team to look into this right now and we will let you know once this is resolved.