Some clarification about W&B starter-plan pricing

Hello everyone! I’m currently evaluating W&B as experiment tracking solution for the company I’m currently working. So far, we found that W&B cover all our basic needs so we would like to buy a starter plan. However before to move on, I need some clarifications about the pricing that are not so clear from the info available on the website:

  • Tracked Hours: for tier 1 plan there are 250 to 5000 cumulative tracked hours. These are counted per-user or shared by all the user of the team? In other words, can each user track up to 5000 hours of experiments each month? It seems to be a little bit confusing since the the bill is specified per user.

  • Storage/Artifacts: these 100GB of storage should be intended as shared between Storage & Artifacts or there are a total of 200gb (100+100) of storage for each objects category. By the way, what is considered “files saved to W&B”? Tracked metrics/distributions/parameters are included in this category?

Sorry for the silly questions but we want to be extra sure before to buy a license :slight_smile:

Hi @prfina !

Thank you for reaching out! Here are the answers to your questions:

  1. How our subscriptions operate is that each subscription is associated to what we call an “organization” - which is a collection of all your teams under your account. So, if your company buys a subscription, you will create an “organization” which can be further divided into teams and each team can hold individual users. The “tracked hours” are tracked over the whole organization - as in the number of cumulative logged hours tracked by your users.

  2. There is a total of only 100GB of total storage provided for free for both files and Artifacts combined. Any file saved through or wandb.log_artifact is included here.


Everything is clear now, thanks a lot @ramit_goolry !

Glad to hear! I’ll close this support request for now, but if any other issues seem to pop up here, feel free to reply to this thread!