Tracked hours difference in personal account vs team usage?

Thanks for a great resource. I have a quick question on pricing. I’m on the personal (free) account and I see here that I have unlimited tracking hours:

On the same page, it says for team management, a personal account has 250 tracked hours.

To clarify, does this mean that if I am running wandb for a team, and hit my 250 tracked hours, if I want to remain in the free tier while using the team, I will need to move the experiments to my personal account? Will this “remove” the tracked hours or will the tracked hours continue to count against the 250?

Hi @danieltakeshi,
I’m glad you are enjoying our product! Are you looking to use W&B as a team or as an individual user?

If you do end up using a team to collaborate with others, then the 250 hour limit would be imposed on any runs created to the team.

If you would like though, we can remove you from a team so that you can go back to creating runs to your personal account and not have the limit imposed?

Thank you,