Panel Grid in Report is deleted when pressing backspace

Hello, I met a problem while using the report functionality. I frequently use the panel grid for displaying and filtering different kinds of data. However, when I try backspacing in the search box of panel grid, the entire grid is directly deleted and I have to discard the draft and start over again. Is there any possible way to fix it?
I use macOS Monterey 12.7.5 and Chrome 125.0.6422.142

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It seems like you’re encountering an unintended behavior while editing reports in Weights & Biases, specifically with the panel grid being deleted when you press backspace. This issue might be related to how the web application handles keyboard shortcuts or input events in certain contexts, such as when a panel grid is selected or when you’re interacting with a search box within the report editor.

To prevent the panel grid from being deleted when backspacing in the search box, here are a few suggestions and workarounds:

  1. Ensure the Search Box is Focused: Before typing or using backspace, make sure the cursor is actively inside the search box. Click inside the search box to focus on it, which should prevent the deletion of the panel grid if backspace is pressed.

  2. Use Keyboard Shortcuts Carefully: Be mindful of where the focus is within the webpage when using keyboard shortcuts or navigation keys. If you’re not actively typing in a text input field, consider using the mouse for navigation to avoid accidental deletions.

  3. Collapsing Sections: If you’re not working on a specific section of the report, consider collapsing it to minimize the risk of accidental deletions. While this doesn’t directly address the backspace issue, it helps manage the workspace more efficiently.

  4. Feedback and Support: If this behavior persists and significantly impacts your workflow, it’s a good idea to report it to the Weights & Biases support team. Providing details about your operating system, browser version, and steps to reproduce the issue can help them identify and address the problem more effectively.

Unfortunately, there’s no direct mention in the provided documentation about a known issue or specific workaround for the panel grid deletion problem on macOS Monterey using Chrome. However, these general practices can help mitigate the risk of losing work accidentally.

For more detailed assistance or to report this issue, you can reach out to the Weights & Biases support team via their support email or check the community forums for similar reports and potential solutions shared by other users.

Remember, the Weights & Biases platform is continuously improving, and feedback from users is invaluable for identifying and fixing issues like the one you’ve encountered.

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Hi @equation-1229 Good day and thank you for reaching out to us! Happy to help you on this.

Would you be able to provide a screen/video recording while reproducing the issue in your report? This will help us understand how the issue happens and we can then investigate.

Thank you!

Hi @equation-1229 , since we have not heard back from you we are going to close this request. If you would like to re-open the conversation, please let us know!