Report page often crashes when I collapse a section of the report

report page often crashes when I collapse a section of the report.
Here is one of the reports that crash: Weights & Biases

How to reproduce:

  1. click “edit” report
  2. collapse and open different sections until you see

Oops, something went wrong.

If this keeps happening, email us at with this page link.

Emailing the address doesn’t work as well. Google says group doesn’t exist

Hi @dc914337, I was unable to reproduce the page crash within any of the reports for that project. Can you please clear your browser cache and try reproducing again. Does this crash occur with other browsers? Additionally, I verified does receive emails. Can you share a screenshot of the message you received from google.

shared the screenshot in the related group. I suggest to keep them separate as they are probably unrelated (one is mailing system, another is your website).

For me the page crashes both in Firefox and Chrome. Happens on my macbook and on windows. I have 32gb of ram on both.
Ok, apparently just closing and opening is not enough. You need to edit something inside the section and then close it. Then it immediately shows you this:

Hi @dc914337, I was able to reproduce this behavior on my end. I flagged this as a bug report for the app team to review. I will update you once a fix is in place. Thanks again for surfacing this issue.

Hi @dc914337 , the issue with crashing reports when collapsing a section has been fixed by our team. Thanks again for bringing it to our attention. Please let me know if there is anything else I can assist you with.

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