Rendering error deleted saved view

I just had a rendering error in one of the panels in my workspace and W&B suggested to reset my workspace. I assumed that it would go back to my last saved view, but instead it just deleted my last saved view and did an overwrite!

I had put work into selecting all kinds of panels with custom ranges and everything only for it all to be deleted because of a single rendering error.

Please adjust that error message and give an option to revert to the last saved version, and either don’t give the option to throw away the last saved view or put a huge warning sign next to it.

Hi @tim-kuipers, I am really sorry to hear you encountered this issue.

I will raise this with our engineering team to investigate, make the wording clearer and allow reverting to the latest saved view.

To help us with the investigation, would you mind sharing with us:

  • The URL to the workspace you were working on
  • The name of the Saved View that was deleted
  • Did you have any other saved view on that workspace? Have they been impacted at all?


It happened again. Just by sliding the vertical bar between the run parameters and the panels section to the right too quick it will crash. Please also fix that bug.

This time instead of clicking the suggested option I just reloaded the window and all was fine.

I don’t think I can share my workspace with anybody outside of our company what with DNA and all.

Don’t worry. I’ve already recreated the view.

Thank you for providing the details on how the workspace crashed @tim-kuipers. I will try to repro this on my side and will raise it with the engineering team both regarding the crashing and the deletion of the Saved View when clicking Reset my workspace.

Also great to know that you found a workaround for when the crash happens - thanks for sharing that.

Hi @tim-kuipers, I wanted to follow up here to check if you have experienced any similar rendering errors recently. I wasn’t able to reproduce it on my side so if you experienced it recently it would help if you could share:

  • The name of the project you experienced this in
  • If you were looking at the Project or Run Workspace - if a Run, which Run

Feel free to send all the information directly to if you can’t share it here

I can’t reproduce the bug anymore, but this issue isn’t about that bug, but about how it’s handled. Wandb should never offer to delete your saved view when some error occurs. Or at least it should have very big warning signs and it should also offer to load the view from saved.

HI @tim-kuipers, apologies if I wasn’t clear previously - I’ve passed on your feedback regarding the deletion of the saved view and the messaging around it to our team to review and I wanted to check if you were still experiencing the rendering error in the first place, and I am glad to know that is not the case. We will work to review the messaging and apologise again regarding any miscommunication on my side.

No worries. Thanks for taking it serious.