Workspace self-destructs when switching tabs

Every time I switch to another computer or another tab with the same project open, all my custom panels and dashboard customization is gone. The workspace just resets as if I’ve never made the custom panels.

Seems to be the same issue as Workspace configuration gone

I’ve been experiencing this issue over the past 6 months and it makes working with the wandb dashboard horrible.

I am a single user, logged into wandb in various tabs and on various computers. I keep these tabs open because that’s the way I use my browser (chromium). I am talking about one and the same project, accessed from the same account. I am not able to share my projects with you because of privacy concerns.

There seems to be some issue with old tabs with the old dashboard/workspace overwriting the configuration updates you make in a newer tab.

Please investigate this. Please do your best to replicate the issue, because this has happened to me at least 8 times in the past half year.

I really hope you are willing to help here and maybe even get the issue to be resolved altogether.

Please let me know if I need to clarify anything about the issue.


Hello @tim-kuipers !

I would be glad to look into it. We are making some active changes to workspaces in order to alleviate some of these issues. In the meantime, you can save your workspace to the Default workspace which should let you manually save your workspace to an accessible place.

A questions about the setup, in what order are the tabs opened up?

From what I understand, you have a tab open in Machine 1 then go to Machine 2 and open up the same link there. After you make changes on Machine 2, you go back to the same tab on Machine 1 and the changes are not applied. Is this correct? Also, just to clear up some edge cases, you have also refreshed the page on Machine 1 when accessing the workspace and the changes don’t apply?

Thank you so much. I didn’t know about the saving workspace functionality. I’ll look into it.

I’m not sure in what order I have the tabs open. I basically have tabs open on both computers at all times, but sometimes I need to reopen a tab. I think I have tried refreshing to no avail. At the point I tried refreshing the workspace had already been overwritten with the empty workspace.

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