Move from Slack -> Wandb Forums


If you’re new to the forums and community, a warm hello from the W&B community.

If you’re coming here from the slack sign-up link, please don’t worry, you clicked on the slack link indeed.

However, we’ve recently decided to move our community from Slack → Discourse (The platform where the forums currently reside). We’ve redirected the link so that you can sign up for the forums as we plan to sunset the slack.

We’d love to invite you to introduce yourselves in the Intros Thread or feel free to join any of our #community-events if you’re visiting our forums for the first time!

Why the move?

We really want the community to be a place of knowledge sharing where we can learn the best applied-ML skills together. Discourse serves these purposes a little better:

  • Searchable Topics: It’s really easy to find answers with the search
  • Topic and thread first nature: IMO, this makes structured discussions quite better
  • Realtime goodness: The topics and replies, DMs work as fluidly as slack.
  • Segmenting Discussions to Sections: Ex, you can find (or are welcome to ask) all W&B related Qs & community Discussions in #help

We’re really excited to have you join our community and we’re honored to be a part of your ML Journey!


I think it might help if -

  • This post was “locked” so that people couldn’t add replies to it. Especially because
  • The tag for the post is Start here and introduce yourself which might result in newcomers introducing themselves here resulting in two separate introduction posts. (I got confused when I saw the tag, hence the suggestion :sweat_smile:)