Log in a custom panel

I’d like to log directly in a given panel instead of having to create the panel manually and add the graphs manually. Is it possible ?

Hi @rodolphelampe thank you for writing in! Is this question specific to Custom Charts? Have you created a custom Vega preset? You could indeed log directly this chart as explained in this section from our docs. Please also check this Colab with a working example. Would this work for you? if not, could you please provide a screenshot of the panel you would want to create using our Python SDK?

Hi @rodolphelampe just checking in here to see if you had any other questions that we could further help you with? thanks

Hi @rodolphelampe since we haven’t heard back from you, I will go ahead and close this ticket for now. If you’re still having any questions, please let us know and we will be happy to assist you further.

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