How to use query for vega custom chart

I have generated a run, which contains a range of panels, which is data logged every epoch (named step automatically in wandb). I am trying to create a custom line plot (vega or vega-lite). So I must perform a query to access all my logged summary data. Could you please explain in detail how this is done (from the wandb interface), or point me to a tutorial where this is clearly explain? I have not found a single document that explains this. Thanks.


Hello @erenbalatkan !

Before looking into how to graph the Custom Charts, I would recommend looking at what types of data we support to be graphed in docs. Since I am unsure what exactly you were logging, it would be good to look there. Aside from that, here is our Custom Charts Walkthrough which can show you step by step how to make a Custom Chart.

I agree 100%! I started by studying the source code of Custom Charts (I like to know what is possible), and analyze other people’s codes. I am rarely satisfied with what is provided. So I came across strange uses of datum that seemed to be undocumented, and I also strange uses of grouping. I had already read most of the Custom Charts Walkthrough you refer to. If you understand the source code to the Line Plot Custom Chart, perhaps I can ask you more specific questions, @raphael-sanandres ! Thanks.

I believe a better place for you to look into would be this tutorial from Vega and Tutorials from them. From the wandb side, we convert table data (which is gathered from a GraphQL query and documentation here). After that, the plots that are provided are Vega specs which the tutorial from Vega goes into detail about.

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