Loading "Overview" takes a long time to load

Hi WandB community, I have a problem wrt. the performance. When clicking on an arbitrary run, everything works well as expected, videos are playing smoothly and the plots are interactive. This changes when clicking the “Overview” tab logo: The whole page freezes, the CPU load goes up and it takes a few minutes until a frozen non-interactive overview page is shown. This happens in Safari as well as in Chromium. Does someone know this issue? Thanks a lot in advance!

Hi @jimpachnet , could you share a link to private run where you are experiencing this problem and we’ll take a closer look.

Thank you for the fast reply, this is such a run: Weights & Biases .

Hi @jimpachnet , thank you for sending this over. I’ve escalated this to the App team for review. I noticed for this run you are logging several thousand (~40K) config key:val pairs, is this intended? Could you describe the use case here?

Thank you for that hint, I’m going to investigate that issue. Having ~40k config parameters should not be the nominal case.

Hi @jimpachnet, the app team has confirmed that the reason for slowdowns and crashes is due to the number of key/value pairs being logged. This is a known issue on their radar, and they are working on improving performance on this page. Unfortunately, at this time, there isn’t anything that can be done to reduce slowdowns/crashes on your overview pages until we’ve released updates. My recommendation at the moment is to modify and reduce the size of the configuration logged to your experiments.

You can expect these updates to go out later this quarter. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Hi @jimpachnet , I just want to let you know that the app team has released performance upgrades and addresses the underlying issue that was causing slow downs on overview pages with large number of key/val pairs. If you run into an issues moving forward, please let us know on a new thread!