Incorrect Storage Usage Calculations

I think there is a bug in storage calculations, especially when you delete files from folders. This might be related to Exceeded free storage -- but file size is inconsistent?.

I deleted some nested files more than a week ago. When I look in the folder view, the folder is the same size, but when I click in the folder, the files I deleted are gone and the file size adds up to much smaller than the folder size. I thought it could be related cache, but some of these files were deleted more than a week ago.

Hi @kaleabtessera! Thank you for writing in!

Apologies you are seeing this behavior. After you have deleted your files, did your overall storage limit go down? Or none of the numbers got updated?

@artsiom Thanks for having a look!

So I deleted a bulk of files at once, let’s say like 10, but the overall storage limit only went down by 2/3 of those files sizes.

Now I am a storage limit, when I am pretty sure with all deleted files I should be at least 20gb less than the limit.

Gotcha! Thank you for elaborating.

If you go into your storage dashboard:

Are you able to see any data discrepancy in there? for a example a folder you have already deleted, or a run that says that it weights a certain amount but by clicking into it you see that it weights a completely different amount?

Hmm, seems like I no longer see the discrepancy. Not sure if some cache was recently invalidated or something, but now when I click through on folder, the numbers seem correct.


Thank you for the update!

I will go ahead and close this ticket out, but you are always welcome to follow up or in here or start another thread.


So it appears this is happening again after deleting nested folders for runs and storage limits not updating correctly. Again the limits seem to be off by around 10-20 GB, and files were deleted about a day or two ago.

Is there a way to clear storage cache or something?