How does one "migrate" move a wandb repo from personal projects to school?

I’ve been doing my experiments on my personal one by accident and wanted to move it…to have everything centralized. How does one do it? What changes would I have to make to my script to push to the right places in wanbd? Other unexpected things I have to do?

Hi @brando, currently we have to move the projects for you.

Could you let me know what entity you would like your projects moved to?

Do you use the same username for your other entity?

Would you like all of your projects to be moved?

You are able to set the default entity that projects will get saved to by clicking on your profile in the top right corner and going to settings. On the User Settings page there is an option to set “Default location to create new projects”. You can also specify wandb.init(entity="<your_entity>"in your script if you would like the run to be logged to a specific entity.

Thank you,

@brando I just wanted to follow up and see if you were still interested in having me move your projects for you?

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