How do I share a private project with another user?

I have a private project that is under my account. How do I share it with another person so that the other person can read everything in the project, upload results/experiments to that project, and basically have the same function as myself? Is it possible to do this while making the project still private among the two of us?

For example this link has something similar but the person asked to make it public. I am hoping to keep it private among the two of us.

If this is not possible, it seems like a wandb “team” might be doable. Is there a way to transfer my private project to the team so that we don’t lose information from my earlier runs?

Hi takeshidanny,

Thanks for writing in! This is not possible as projects under your personal account are only accessible to you. The only exception is sharing a report with a concrete user. Working under a team would be the solution for this. We can move projects across entities, I would only need the name of the project and the destination team and owner username.


Hi takeshidanny,

We wanted to follow up with you regarding your support request as we have not heard back from you. Please let us know if we can be of further assistance or if your issue has been resolved.


Hi luis_bergua1, thank you for the reply and for your efforts in doing this. Apologies, I wasn’t getting notifications for this post.

I have a private project under my account (Weights & Biases) named isaac-gym. For the owner username, I think that is Weights & Biases? For the destination team, since this is an academic team, I would only be allowed to have one team? I just made one here Weights & Biases

To clarify: if you move that private project to my team, I can share that project with my desired colleagues. AND would I also be able to make other private projects within that team, which I could then share with a set of different colleagues?

Hi @danieltakeshi, thanks for getting back! So the project you shared is under your personal account. This means that unless you set it to public, other users won’t be able to visualize it. I can see you are also part of this team (and the only user). If you invite colleagues to that team, they will be able to view every project under that team so if you want do share projects with different sets of users, you’d need different teams. Please let me know if that makes sense!

Thanks! To clarify, it seems like my academic account only allows for one team. I had to ask an administrator for another team that I was part of, to remove me from the team, in order to make that new team you mentioned in your last post.

Can I have multiple projects under that team, but which have different visibility levels? Let’s say Project A and Project B under my team. Can I set potentially different groups to view those two respective projects?

Hi @danieltakeshi, thanks for the explanation! So you can have multiple projects under a team but they’ll be accesible for every member under the team. If you’d like to have different groups of people viewing each project, you need to work under separate teams. Please let me know if this helps!

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