Error creating team (user already has an active trial). also I can't delete old team

Hi team,
I try to make the academic team. but Error creating team (user already has an active trial). Please try again. this error keeps making me unable to make a new team.
btw I try to delete the former team that I make wrong. but I can’t find the menu that I can delete the team.

so I want to ask, how I can delete the former team and make a new one

my account is

and try to delete the vision_X~~ teams

CleanShot 2024-04-16 at 13.32.54


Hi @dk58319 , thank you for writing in and happy to help. If you are an admin of the team, you may go to your Team page>Team Settings (left navigational panel) and in the bottom part you may find the Delete Team button. Deleting a team is not recoverable so make sure to move all important data/runs you need before deleting.

Hi, Thank you for your quick response

first of all, I cannot find Delete team,and left panel also

I think I already click delete team but this organization keep this page and I cannot make another one

Is there any other way to do that?


Hi @dk58319 , yes it seems that you don’t have any team under vision_x_llm-org, have you try again to create a new team using the button on the left side: + Create a team to collaborate ? Are you having the same error?

Hello, I’m having the exact same error, should I contact to the sales?

I wannt delete the teams and try to create a new academics team…

I have solved this problem via e-mail support.
It’s all good now.

Thank you

Via E-mail support
They deleted my old team now.
hope this can help you :slight_smile: