I want to be removed from my team and delete it. What should I do?

I want to be removed from my team and delete it. What should I do?

Hi @m3n2e

Happy to help you on this one! Please note that team deletion cannot be reversed. Once you deleted a team, there is no way to revert or undo it.

You can follow these steps to delete your team:

  • Login to wandb
  • Go to your Team Settings by accessing this URL https://wandb.ai/<enter-your-team-here>settings
  • Scroll on the bottom part of the page and you can find the Delete button


I hope this helps. If you have questions or encountered any issues let us know!

Thank you!

I tried https://wandb.ai/intixel/settings it redirects me to https://wandb.ai/account-settings/intixel/billing but I can’t see any Delete section and I never used the team (I just created it and left it) so I don’t have any bills

Hi @m3n2e If you have left the team already, then there may be no option for you to delete it as Admins can only delete Teams. Can you let us know if we can proceed to delete your team intixel on your behalf?

yes please proceed with that

Dear Mohannad,

Just to confirm, you would like your team to be deleted?

I think there could have been some confusion.

Your org is Intixel, and your Org owns a team called cardiac-segmentation.

Please, could you confirm exactly what you would like to be permanently deleted?