Curl - 403 Forbidden

I am using wandb for bittensor subnet 27. At the moment there is an issue that no one can solve in the discord channel and I believe you are aware of this.

Now I have the issue where the affected machines have forbidden access trying to do curl The machines working correctly can perform this operation fine. Even with a fresh installation of Ubuntu, there are some machines capable to do this curl and others with forbidden permission. I have checked and confirm this is not a network issue from my machines but the problem seems to be on wandb side. Not allowing the clients to perform this operation.

<! doctype html >< meta name=viewport content=” width=device-width, initial-scale = 1">< title >403</ title>403 Forbidden"

Hello @jaime-p3nag , thank you for writing in. We’ll review this one and will get back to you.

Thanks for the reply, the problem fixes itself alone… I believe you have a firewall from your side and you were blocking request from my servers IPs… but after a while you were allowing requests again… do you have some kind of firewall rule to block request after several tries?

We are glad to hear that it was already fixed. As per your question, there are times that we have restriction. Marking this as resolved and feel free to reach us out anytime you will encounter issue. Thanks!